I am currently taking on freelance SEO projects and can offer a wide range of services from one-off strategies, to ongoing campaigns to a few hours of consultation by phone / Skype.  If you’d like to have a chat about SEO consulting then feel free to contact me.

I can work with you on a range of SEO tasks including:

Technical site reviews

I can take a deep dive into your website to find problems that may be hurting your potential to rank well.  The output of this will be a detailed document outlining the problems I have found, this will be accompanied by a detailed action list which is prioritised and easy to pass over to your developers.

Guest blogging services

I do sometimes have capacity to take on hands-on link building projects or if I can’t help directly, I can often make good recommendations to other companies who focus on quality rather than quantity.

Link building strategy

If you have an in-house team or do link building yourself but need some direction and strategy, I can help.  I can look at your website and business and identify link building techniques that will help you get the links that matter.  All of the tactics I recommend are designed to not only get you links but also bring traffic that can convert.


I have worked with many companies and helped train their internal SEO teams on specific tasks such as link building, content creation, technical work and competitor analysis.  I’m happy to work with you to create a fully customised training session so that you can make the next step in your SEO implementation.

Competitor analysis

If you’re being beaten by competitors and are not quite sure why, I can take a look into their tactics and identify what they are doing.  Importantly, I can turn competitor analysis into actionable tactics for your own website.  So you end up with more than a report, you end up with your own SEO strategy based on what is working for those around you.

If you’d like to have a chat about SEO consulting then feel free to contact me.