This is a slight variation of a technique that the guys over at SEOgadget mentioned in this post.  It is a quick and easy way of getting a good list of link targets to go alongside your regular outreach list for an infographic.

1. Find infographics on the same topic as yours

This shouldn’t be too hard, with the explosion in infographic creation over the last two years, you should be able to find at least a few.  To make things super, super easy I’ve created this Infographic Search Engine which will search this list of infographic sites for you and find infographics related to your keywords.

2. Find who else embedded them

Once you have found a handful of similar infographics, you need to find out who embedded them.  This is the equivalent of doing standard backlink analysis on a competitor.

Head over to Google image search and click on the little camera in the search box:

Then you just need to paste in the URL of the infographic source file – NOT the URL where the infographic is hosted.  The source file will usually end in something like .jpg, .png or .jpeg.  You can get this by right clicking on the infographic and clicking on “Copy Image Location”.

Hit search and you should get something that looks like this:

Keep scrolling down and you’ll get even more results.

3. Start prospecting

Start opening them in new tabs and doing link prospecting, I’d highly recommend using something like BuzzStream for this as it can go off and find contact details as well as link metrics for you.

Using this method, you are finding sites that have embedded infographics that will be similar to your own, so approaching them with your own super, awesome one will be of interest to them.

It will also give you a feel for how successful an infographic in your particular niche can be.

That’s it!  Nice and easy :)

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