Buzzstream is best described as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool for link building.  It has the backing of Eric Ward who is well known as one of the most respected link builders in the world.  The key thing to point out about Buzzstream is that it doesn’t build links for you.  It is designed to help you be more efficient with your outreach.

I first started using Buzzstream a few years ago when I was working for Pin Digital.  I came across the software by chance really and got in touch with Paul May who is the CEO.  He struck me immediately as a really nice guy and if anyone is considering giving Buzzstream a go, get in touch with Paul as he is a really nice guy and not a pushy salesman!

Buzzstream Features I Like –

Collaboration on Projects

When multiple people are building links for the same site, it can sometimes be a bit tricky to keep a track of who has done what and who has spoken to who.  Buzzstream allows for users to login with their own account and immediately see if another team member has looked at the same link target.  There is a nifty little toolbar plugin too which allows you to save a link target to the project, if you try to save a link target that is already in the database, you will be told so.  You can then see if outreach has already been done, what stage it is at and if you need to do any work.

Related to this, you can even see the email that a team member has sent to a link target and the replies.  You get an email address that you can BCC into an outreach email which will add a copy of the email to the link target.  This is very useful, not just for collaboration, but also just for an individual who is contacting lots of link targets at the same time.

Doing Outreach

A great feature of Buzzstream is the ability to send outreach emails from within the tool itself.  This saves the hassle of copying and pasting emails and contact details over to your email program.  The way that Buzzstream allows you to do it as well is a totally white hat method.  You’re not sending tons of emails in one go.  You send one at a time but you can use a template if you want.  However its highly advised (by Buzzstream too in their demo) that you add some unique elements to the email so that you increase your chances of success.

The interface you can use is very slick too and you can choose a set of targets, then very quickly send emails out to all of them one after the other.

Working on Multiple Projects

If you are an SEO agency, this feature is invaluable.  You will have many clients who you are doing link building for and keeping track of outreach on all of them can be tricky.  Usually it involves multiple spreadsheets!  In Buzzstream, you can add multiple projects very easily and work on them from the same interface.  So you no longer have different copies of spreadsheets floating around, you can manage all clients from the same place.

Sharing Link Contacts

From what I can tell, this isn’t a feature that is talked about very much on the Buzzstream website.  But it is certainly something that I think is valuable to agencies.  One of the features of Buzzstream is the ability to “tag” link targets with keywords.  For example you could tag my blog with “SEO” or “link building”.  What we do is tag link targets with a broad industry, such as “tech blog” or “finance” or “insurance”.  This means that we can sometimes use the same link target for multiple projects.  If a colleague has built a relationship with a tech blogger, I can easily search Buzzstream to find them.  Once I’ve found them, I already have a warm lead to go after for another project that may be in a similar industry.

Buzzstream Review

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